Grilled Atomic Pineapple Wings

Grilled Atomic Pineapple Wings

Spicy Carne Sutra:

Atomic Pineapple:

Wings (marinaded or brined in spicy Smoked Pickle brine)

Make love to your meat with Spicy Carne Sutra (choose your safe word at this time, TD’s recommends Jalapeno lime Carne Sutra or Carne Sutra)

Get hot & heavy, flip every 4 minutes until 175 IT.

Get Sauced w TD’s Atomic Pineapple Sauce (Was atomic your safe word?? Don’t worry The OG
got you)

Wings want TD’s Atomic Pineapple, GIVE IT TO THEM.

Put some TD’s in your face

**TD’s Pro Tip: Southern Mustard sauce also shows wings who their daddy is & Cherry Chipotle
is the 4-time consecutive Best Wing sauce. (Atomic Pineapple has finished 2 nd 5X times)