Perfect Pulled Pork

Perfect Pulled Pork





1 or 2 Pork Butts (or boston butts)

Sweet BBQ Love

Southern Mustard

Dr. Pepper Cherry

Foil Pans and Foil

Pat the butt dry using  paper towel  to remove and excess juices form the surface.   Mix 1/2 bottle of DR. Pepper Cherry with approx. 2 Tablespoons of TD’s Brew & BBQ “Sweet BBQ Love”.  Inject Butt with mixture and refrigerate for a few hours or overnight for best results. 

 (If making in a crock pot skip the injection process, you will combine these ingredients into the crock pot.). 

Slather  the  butt  with   TD’s Brew & BBQ “Southern Mustard”   and  rub  evenly  all  over  the  butt.    Season  with  TD’s  Brew  &  BBQ  “Sweet  BBQ  Love”  then  flip  and  repeat.   Allowing  to  sit  approx  15  mins  before  putting  in  smoker/  Crock  Pot.

Set  Smoker  temp  to  225°.    

Crock  Pot  to  Low  this  is  your  last  step  until  done.  (Approx.  8  hours)

Allow  to  smoke  until  the  internal  temperature  reaches  165°.    Once  temp  is  reached  remove,  place  in  foil  pan  add  more  DR.Pepper  Cherry,  &  Sweet  BBQ  Love.   cover  with  foil  and  cook  until  internal  temp  is  203°.   Let  rest 1-2  hours   or  up  to  4  hours.    Uncover  and  shred!  Mixing  with  all  the  juices.