2 of Everything Chili Dawgs

2 of Everything Chili Dawgs

2 of Everything Chili Dawgs

2 tbls TD’s Brew & BBQ’s Zesty Taco**

2 lbs ground meat or pulled/ diced/ shredded leftover smoked meat

2 can beans such as ranch style

2 cans diced tomatoes & Green chilies such as rotel

2 cans golden mushroom soup 

Tube steaks


Diced onions, shredded cheese, sour cream, chives

Options: Campfire Candy, drizzle of Southern Mustard, campfire candy corn bread, 

Corn chips, grilled dawgs, brats, fries, nachos.  This recipe can be made stove top & in a crock pot for a full 8 hours. 

**can be made with 1 of everything & as much Zesty Taco as your meat wants.**

Brown uncooked meat in skillet

Make love to your meat w/ TD’s Zesty Taco (as much as your meat wants.)

Bring on 2 of everything else.  Mix well. 

Now is the time to let those leftover smoked meats in on the party.  **next level**

Let it rock hot & heavy to a rolling boil, stirring often, not letting anything stick. 

Give it 20 minutes 

Char up some tube steaks, put your meat between the buns & 

Put some TD’s In your face.

TD’s Just a Tip: This can also be slow smoked in a pit, combine all ingredients & smoke 225 degrees 4 hours or prepare for Over The Top Chili; by combining 2 of everything in foil pan. Prepare the uncooked ground meat into a giant meat ball & put on top grates with 2 of everything else under giant meat ball to catch that little bit of fat that keeps em coming back.